Technical Consulting

Information technology should support your business strategy, not constrain it. 3FORCOM focuses first on the bespoke set of solutions that become a part of your operation, supporting your practical business objectives.

  • Business analysis
  • Technologies selection
  • KPI definition
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • Design, build, maintenance

Technical Choices

Development Roadmap

Project Management

Deploying the right application can help you and your team operate and serve your customers more effectively. But when applying that software means changing usual practices, adopting requirements, or affecting strategic objectives, your organization will not have the time or experience to do it fast and correctly.

3FORCOM consultants can help. Our combination between practical development experience and knowledgeable consulting personnel will work closely with your stakeholders, your IT department and your existing systems to define and implement best practices in business workflow, operational efficiency, and financial performance-without disrupting current on-going operations.

3FORCOM Technical Consulting Service can help you find the answers for these questions:

  • How to streamline my company’s workflows?
  • How to increase my team’s efficiency?
  • How to react quickly to changes in customer needs and internal operations?
  • How to improve my customer experience?
  • How to save cost and increase revenue by using software applications?

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