Search Engine Optimizing

Online search is a complex world, and it varies differently between different markets and languages. At 3FORCOM, we don’t want to be a one-size-fit-all, so we focus on Vietnam search engine market only.


If you are a new business or an existing one that seeking exposure in Vietnam market of searches, let us know today, and we will help you make your way to high positions in the competition with other brands in your industries in Vietnam.

Our solution focuses on development technical implementation correctness, keyword selection, competitor evaluation.

Our Packages Include

  • SEO Audit

    Following the SEO checklists with 25 points to evaluate technical and non-technical issues affecting the site’s performance.
    Propose recommendations for improvement and fix critical issues. Helping website perform more efficenct and user-friendly.
  • Optimisation proposal

    This is how to apply the right keywords for the page and to optimise SEO elements follow the best practices. 3FORCOM proposes the new optimised meta datas for your web pages.
    Use the potential keywords to optimise content and meet the demand of users by appropriate search terms leading to the right content.
  • Keywords Selection

    Keywords is one of the important parts of SEO strategy. 3FORCOM proposes the list of potential keywords with medium/high average search volume and related to the business of website.
    Gain more organic traffic to the website by involving potential keywords and selection of right target group.
  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Follow up with the status after implementing into website the SEO recommendations and reporting for evolution of traffics of website.
    Help you check deeply the evolution of organic traffics from all sources and state the strong elements as the foundation for further improvement.

Get in touch with our SEO specialists. We will tell you what you have to do to bring more traffic to your website, and improve your position in search results.