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We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android; website and web applications for business or consumer uses. We also own our Business Management Solution, which is a suite of applications that helps you manage your daily business activities more effectively and analyze the business performances precisely.
We have several offices in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (a.k.a. Saigon). Our main development and consulting office is at 854 Su Van Hanh street, ward 13, district 10, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. You can visit our office if you’re in town, or you can call us / email us / Skype with us / Viber / WhatsApp us at your convenience.
To build your application, we need to know the list of the features, the technologies to be used, the serving capacity of the system, the models of infrastructure that hosts the application… After all, we will estimate our workload in man-hours that our engineers, developers, business analyst, project managers, designers, testers, content specialist… must spend to finish the work, and you will have the associated budget. This is applied to almost every development projects, from mobile applications to website, web applications…
Of course, we do. Cross-platform framework (e.g. React) is an emerging technology that helps you save time and cost in the process of building and launching applications. At 3FORCOM, we provide both native and cross-platform development service.
Difficulties and challenges are inevitable when developing application and website, and we are always ready to deal with new issues and solve them every single day in our business. Our project managers understand the project critical milestones, and keep tracks of each team members on our tasks management system. They will help you prioritize the features, schedule the deliveries and control the quality of the deliveries.
Yes, we do issue invoice for the payment you make, no matter where you are.
With proper project documents, as 3FORCOM teams do in their projects, everyone involves in the project will be on the same page, therefore, development progress will be faster and precise. When a team member leaves, transferring is easier. And when project is done and hand-over to you, your IT department can fully control and be aware of the system. Those are the reasons why we emphasize on the importance of documentation in the project.
3FORCOM has been applying life-time bug-free policy to all the application developed since 2008. This means from the time your application is launched until it is stopped, all the bugs detected by your team from the original delivery will be fixed by our developer right away at zero cost with no limitation of time.
Yes, we do. If you are establishing Agile development team (Scrum, Kanban), please contact our consultant for fast and reliable information; or see questions and answers in Dedicated Team section for more info.
It is your own team whose members are recruited, managed, trained, and improved by 3FORCOM, and work only for your projects every day, as your own employees. They will work either in Agile or Waterfall development model, depending on your projects’ nature.
Because of three main reasons:
  1. Your own team will work under your direct instructions and requirement, so it will be faster and more precise when the team deliver.
  2. Your own team will stay with your projects for long enough to understand all the details, and avoid wasting time on reading documents and researches.
  3. It is more cost-effective for your applications projects.
We plan your team’s skill-sets and quantity, and then we will interview and hire those appropriate team members, who have those required skills and meet our standards, before signing them into your team. You will have several meetings with your team before the work starts, so that you can give your feedbacks about the individuals in the team when necessary.
To run your team effectively, you should prepare these things in advance:
  1. Roadmap / master plan towards the products you want to build.
  2. List of features and descriptions of the applications you are creating.
  3. Financial plan for application productions.
  4. One dedicated contact person, regardless of the technical background, who understand and know your plans.
On our end, the project manager / product owner will help you totally to analyze your concepts, manage the work packages and tasks, manage the workforce and deliveries. A weekly report is shared to you, and you have full access to the team Jira boards to see what they are working on, what issues they are facing and how fast the progress is.
Maintaining, improving employee performance is one of the most difficult task you must do daily if you run your own team. We have a full system of performance review and appropriate rewarding mechanism to maximize the motivation of your team members. In a few rare cases that some individuals cannot improve themselves to meet the work expectation, we have made necessary adjustment to maintain the team’s quality and progress, and protect your ROI.
We will calculate the monthly budget of your team, including the employee incomes and relevant fees / taxes, and 3FORCOM management fee. That is it, simply, clear and less expensive.
Many of our clients started with this question. Simply, our developers are as good as those from China, India or Korea when they are working on the project that has clear vision and receiving good coaching from our team management. In many situations, our developers have shown how good they are in making things happen and solve complex technical issues for clients.
English long time ago was a barrier, but it is not any more. Our developers can all understand documents and communication written in English. Most important discussions will be held between your contact point and the team’s leader, with fluent English skill.

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