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Simplify your user's learning curve and make the user experience practical, and streamline the experience to different platforms and devices to maximise the application value.

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We always adopt new and effective methods to improve our productivity and collaboration with you. Working with us is simply better, faster and more cost-effective.

Website Design & Development

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With the flexibility of agile development model, and our technical experience, your mobile app can be launched very quickly, avoiding pitfalls.

Agile Development


3FORCOM is an international IT partner. We can start from analyzing your actual business requirements for a web solution or a multi-platforms solution, continue with a great web design, web development, third-party integration and mobile development. Since 2008, we have provided effective design and development solutions for our corporate and startup clients.


Trustworthy Partnership

Our client partners and consultant partners always get the best quality of service and production from 3FORCOM, with the most advanced financial policies.


Every constraint will be discussed, and we do not accept hidden cost strategy. Therefore, when you’re working with 3FORCOM, what you see is what you get.


Getting things done is our core. There is no waste in time, effort and resource. We focus on delivering quickly and correctly what clients request.

IP Protection

With dedicated cyber security manpower and partners, your data and applications are in good hand. Our procedure ensures the highest security levels for your concepts, your codes and your databases.


In contrary to software corporates, we can bootstrap together with our clients, rather than asking them for too much too early. Our way is to build something fast and big enough, then grow it together with clients and prove the concept.

Real consulting

You ask, we provide several answers, till you decide which one is the most suitable for your capability, time and money. Our experience in programming and managing projects will help you a lot.


Desktop & Mobile Website | CMS

Daikin Air Conditioning

This is our partner client for years, and we are so proud to work with Daikin team on different project types, including website and application development, system maintenance, SEO, marketing microsite development and other data-driven solutions.

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Pocari Sweat Website

Create a stunning brand website for one of the most popular health drinks brand from Otsuka Nutrition (Japan). Serving as the major digital platform for the brand heavy online marketing activities through multi-channels.

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iOS & Android Application | Web administration backend

The Sip App

Consultation and design, development of a lifestyle startup that connects customers and F&B venues through monthly membership. This application allows users to find suitable mid to high end places for hanging out with friends, enjoying the cost saving business models for drinks on a daily basis.

Desktop & Mobile Website | CMS

Dalat HasfarmDesktop & Mobile Website | CMS

Showcase to users the large scale of Dalat Hasfarm flower production, products and distribution network, with an elegant UI that work perfectly on desktop and mobile devices. Serving both end consumers and business partners globally. Utilize of the CMS for simple and fluid content management process.

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Desktop & Mobile Website | CMS

Hoa Sen Group (HOSE: HSG)

Hoa Sen Group is undeniable to be the leading company in steel production and export in Vietnam as well as South East Asia market. It is also enlisted in the top 50 enlisted enterprises in Vietnam (2016) 3FORCOM has been selected to rework Hoa Sen Group website, with the ultimate purpose is to promote the company’s online business for both domestic and international markets in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Businesses gradually shifting towards automation and smart computing solutions, to increase revenue and reduce expenses. From simple web design to complex sales management application, we think, design and develop cost-effective solutions for your business.

Clients & Partners

We have been serving about 400 corporates and business startups since our first day in business, with the focus on implementing client ideas rapidly and in the most cost-effective manner. This is a snapshot of our clientele for consulting, design, development and maintenance service

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