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Strategy and process

Professional advices on technology and SEO consultancy

Our role as an agency is to help you with your online strategy and scoping process in order that the final product matches your unique business requirements. Our company values are to deliver web solutions that fit with the needs of our clients and keep long-lasting relationship to support their future business needs.

3forCom is building and maintaining websites as a continuous process of thinking about what you want to do and why and how. That's why our clients have a lot of trust and confidence in us, most of the time due to past experiences of working with us.

We will help you define your project scope, creative brief and requirements and how they relate to your marketing strategy, target audience and technology.

We are committed to becoming your long-term and trusted partner. Our priority is not only providing professional services and solutions but becoming your IT partner to meet your needs today and support you tomorrow.


Web development process

3forCom has a staged process that we follow for every project. We understand that the complexity and depth of each stage will differ based on the scope of the work.

We support a full development process from requirements definition and specification, structure and architecture design, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support.

Our project managers will take you step by step through each phase of solution development, providing you with professional advice on technology and application options and ensuring that all scoping fits with your Internet marketing activity.

Idea and concept

We analyze your requirements and provide consulting and constructive feedback. The purpose is to identify your needs in the areas of design, development, maintenance and marketing.

Design and planning

We create multiple design drafts to reach client and user satisfaction. We focus on designing user friendly interface, visuals and general layouts.

IT Architecture

Create sitemaps and wireframes (where needed), to optimize user experience and search performance. We can help you fine tune your copywriting and content, making it more focused on your customer and more search engine friendly.



User testing and pre-launch

Official launch

Maintenance and marketing