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System integration

There are many questions to be asked before you set up your company’s website, third-partied applications… and we could help you with our industry in-depth answers. Your business initial setups will benefit from our expertise in web & server technologies: cost effectiveness, security, performance, user experience.


Security awareness & policies

Only a few of your staff body are computer savvy. We use our Realistic Demo method to help your employees acknowledge of and understand the everyday risks from the internet, and guide them to the best practices at work to minimize their exposures to internet scams and attacks.


Web Administrator training

Business is shifting towards the internet, and all companies have websites. A good website administrator will boost your marketing effort to the next level, at the same time, significantly save your budget and time. Your web admin will be trained by our experienced web developers, the very people who make websites everyday.



Internet helps you increase revenue. Creating your e-commerce platform online in a right way ensures you a high valued selling channel. Don’t create a website with online payment function just yet! Talk to us, and we help you build an online store at its best.

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